Be First, Be Daring and Be Different. This is what we are working so hard every day to achieve.  

We are committed to achieve our goals by take all necessary actions that enables us to do so. AKAD will work with potential partners, governments or private entities, to maintain our hard-earned integrity through honesty and experiences.

I believe that the best decision is one that is made by the team. At AKAD we have been hard at work to build the team that can make the best decision which produces the outcome that will help us continue the improvement. We continuously encourage our team members to freely express their thoughts, be creative and proactive with problem solving, which enable these teams to produce the outcome we hope for.

We see the future in the present – it is in our DNA and the way we conduct day to day business. We set our goal to always exceed our customers’ expectation, and believe that is what will grow our business and help us thrive in the market.

We build with the belief that we can make a difference for the communities in which we operate, and we seek to create economic and social values wherever we go. AKAD is a company powered by people and driven by corporate excellence and diversity. These dynamic forces have enabled us to become one of the distinguished construction companies in the Middle East and we will work harder and harder to maintain this position.

Yours Faithfully,

Jawad K. Al – Ramahi