Our Mission and Vision   


Our mission is to build an exceptional environment that can add value to our clients’ business and give them a competitive advantage in their market. As a general contracting company, managing the construction process from start to end is our main responsibility, ensuring that the project is done on time, within budget and according to specifications.

However, we believe it is equally important to pay attention to small details throughout the construction process, which enables us to present a final product that exceeds our client’s expectation.

Managing the construction time is one of our most crucial responsibilities. We achieve that by following several processes throughout the project life time. It all starts with setting up a project program of work detailing every single activity required to complete the project. The program is prepared with input from all of the team members which ensures that the project is done within the shortest period possible. Once the construction starts, the program serves as a guide for the team and help them to always stay a step ahead.   

Another equally important responsibility or ours is managing the project budget. We start this process by a thorough review of the construction documents. We utilize our highly skilled engineers to identify any design specifics that could present issues or changes at the construction phase. Once the design is reviewed, we use specialized software to calculate the quantities, which gives us a very precise result that we use to calculate the budget. This process help us prepare a well thought out budget which is extremely important to successfully complete a construction project. 

Last but not least, we follow three guidelines to ensure a level of quality of work that meets client expectation and differentiate us from others. First, we utilize the building codes and standards that are set by the authorities in the area we operate in, which is the main guideline that we follow to ensure that we can successful handover the project. Second, is the deign documents that are prepared by the engineers. Third, our long engineering experience, which help us add the real value to our clients. Our quality control managers are always hard at work to make sure that each of these guidelines are being precisely followed.